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27.12.2009 20:17 - Who in Bulgaria is Afraid of the book "The Battle for Jerusalem",written by Todor Machkanov?
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         Parry me ...! Once again!

 Be launched in 1973. When I was a 2nd year in High University. Party secretary of the institute called me into his office on "mathematics" and told me that because of the "destruction and undermining of socialist ideas and ethics", I must to go out from institute . No other explanation, its was part of the game of power - punish, but you think where and when made mistake - punished for one, but thinking for all his mistakes.    

    There was nothing else but for jokes with political content, which I telling in student coupons ... Years later I learned that after "The Czech events" in 1968. Bulgarian secret police tightened their control - in any undergraduate course introducing informant, entering the university, without entrance exam, to report who what telling in course . I can only guess who was the informant in my course ... 

   To talk about communist system, even as a joke - is punishable, but their ubiquitous practice by teaching staff to ask sex with women student in exchange for "taken" exams are not considered "destruction and undermining of socialist ideas and morality". And therefore it came, that notorious Dimitrov Young Communist League Congress on which, the banquet in honor of finishing it, the young delegates and leaders, after heavy drinking took, with the chairman of the Komsomol too, garnished with ubiquitous indiscriminate sex orgy, on which are envied Dionysus and Bacchus ... What a glorious, conscious Communist Komsomol growing in our dear fatherland. In the bright communist future, this communist young people will be the power in Bulgaria ...And they CAME... In full force after 1989...

    In 1982 I was arrested. And thirty christians too - "home" church. For "anti-country propaganda and agitation" - Article 108 of the Penal Code. Because to spread and to speak of Christian themes was crime. Arrested and my manuscripts about the Biblical prophecies, The Return of Israel in their country, the facts of Darwinism as a political doctrine, the UFO problem ..

  Information about us was from people serving in a church - informants, collaborators, staff of the DS(Bulgarian secret police) ... So, I learned next pity and sad fact - that churches in Bulgaria are under the control of DS and to work for the Church - the true, authentic, and Christ, you should be outside the churches, the official ... This lesson will keep me from re-arrested in next 8 (eight) years ...
   In 1990, in troubled times of transition, I did attempt to publish my manuscripts arrested. Thus published the books "Prophesied from the Bible", and - "The Bible, Israel and the end of the world". 
But remained unpublished important biblical, historical, political, moral theme - "The Battle for Jerusalem". I was included in the transition with the vision - if have a new policy its must be a different from the past - be based on Christian Principles and Morality. So I saw my place no in political organization, but in the "Committee for the protection of religious rights ....", headed by Christophor Sabev. 

  On 20 December 1989 Coordination Board discussed a declaration for the return of the "Pioneer Palace", building of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church - Seminary. The declaration was gone to vote when I understand that - we insist to take away asset of the children through which had organized to learn and deal with practical skills and give them streets, cafes, pubs ... All are heavily silence ... Thought about alternatives, but what? "Lozenets" residence! I mean, in 98 palaces and residences, which the Bulgarian people built, the Communists could give at least one of these palaces to children of this nation ... But it would not ...

   Pr.minister Lukanov retorts proposal. Father Sabev then said, communist party give in exchange proposed another - ungainly, building . In April 1990 with Decision of the Government the issue was closed. 

  After, military minister Mr. Aleksandrov, surprised and annoyed, said that his subordinates used "Lozenets" residence about drunken and sexual orgies ...

  In 1990 I repeatedly urged father Sabev to defend the idea newspaper "Democracy" (newspaper of UDF - Union of Democratic Forces) to have a page of a Christian theme. And Father Sabev repeatedly informed us, that this idea is retorts by senior leadership of the UDF. I accepted his words for true, after Mr. Zhelev,chairman of UDF and president, says: "I am a Marxist, therefore - an atheist, but let God keep Bulgaria." 

   That many people in leadership of UDF are atheists is their cause. But its not mine. After talks with Mr. Sugarev, Chairman of the Board of the Journal "Democracy", with the active support of the writer Dimitar Korudzhiev and assisted by Ekaterina Tomova, head of department "Culture", in August 1992 newspaper "Democracy" once a week is with page of a Christian theme. But in September, the "Christian" page in newspaper "Democracy" was fenced.

  Remarkable and instructive, in the same time "Christian" theme appears on the pages of the newspaper "Duma"("Word" - newspaper of Bulgariаn Socialist Party, the renamed communists) - atheists began to teach the people on "Christianity" ...
   1999. U.S. President Clinton to try to resolve the Arab-Israeli conflict, as appliances and "problem" Jerusalem. Experience fail. But for me it was a signal that biblical prophecy concerning the battle for Jerusalem is in its final phase of implementation and no more time to delay publication of the book - I returned on my the unfinished theme - "The Battle for Jerusalem". 

       After a difficult times I finished its theme in 2005. 

   Now it is to find a publisher. Sought assistance from the publishers of my first book. They had success with my first book and now told me: "Give the manuscript".

   Soon, the head of the publishing house - Bulgarian Jew, in a personal meeting, returned the manuscript with a refusal. The reason: the book will strengthen the anti-Jewish sentiment. He just is afraid ... I guess why ... 

  I answered him to publishing "Protocols of Zion Sages ..." until you calm down all anti-Jewish sentiment. On the finish I say:

    -  In such a position is no longer wonder why 6 million Jews went into Holocost during the 2 nd World War!

      And what now? Do all Jews among us are afraid ...?! I visited the publishing house "Co..bri".      

   "Yes! Of course! Will review it ", words of courtesy in the first meeting. "Call in two weeks!" 
      Two weeks passed. Wife welcomed me politely, impressed by the book, but the last word her husband had.
- The book is perfect! But, if I publish it will be a scandalizes. And without that recently have many problems and I don`t to one more was dumped ...

   I was aware of the financial status of Christian organizations and publishers, but I decided to try. The answer was everywhere, if you finance it will publish the book ....

     There was no other alternative - took credit. Sought a big publishing house. Red content they refused.
     -  Why? I pay?
    -  Yes! But we are committed to two years ahead. If you want to wait so long ...?

      Clearly, and these afraid! Will seeking Publishing outside the "Big Red Brother’s Business"

   I decided to be publishing in Foundation of "bukvite". There are issued books, maintains the site "bukvite". Signed a contract with a publisher Ivan Bogdanov for the issuance of 500 pieces books. I translated the money into the end of 2007.  I gave him manuscript and my vision for the cover. And began to wait 500 books ...

   On 17 December 2008 Ivan Bogdanov gave me 50 pieces books, and promised the rest to be ready after the Christmas season, now printers began to celebrate ...

       These 50 books bestowed to relatives, friends and supporters ...

      Christmas season passed ... For me and began regular work schedule. 

    On 10 January 2009, the management of "Mele....s" - Belgian company  where I work, want to conversation with me. They give me to see a diagram.

   -  Based on Results of this chart, you are not shown satisfactory results, and therefore management believes to free you from work.

  I looked sheets with black and white flight. Of them I had no vision for what and why I have the "unsatisfactory results". In my mind came memories - I know that! - be guilty without knowing why? That was the "Game" - by 1973, when I was a student and excluded me from the institute. Now I sat against pawns, performers of the same "Game", created by their masters. Apparently, came a time for my new "excluded", and I having to guess why..Of course! My third book! 

  - Excuse me - I asked - this chart based on what criteria was created?

- Based on the indicators in your participation in the production process.

- I have not ccupational characteristics! All workers in "Mel..s" working without occupational characteristic. And when nobody have not occupational characteristic just impossible to made diagrams for that what is done or not done, from worker. In addition, each month I receive a 20% bonus for over-performance of the production in quantity and in quality. These 20% are my certificate, not this chart.

   Pawns are confused .... Attempting to rally:

- But we have seen that you go 15 minutes before finish time job.

- And that"s not true! - answered

 - We saw you, we saw you - uncertainly says pawns.    

- Well, you saw me, why do not punished me - the order that you may now prove that talking true, not fantasy ...?

      Again confused....

- You will be fired, because destroying the discipline ....

Here, it"s true! I will never accept and be part of that discipline, which is afraid of the words and forbidden to speak of Christ, during breaks, when we share his knowledge with colleagues for Him. We Christians, always destroyed atheistic discipline. That discipline that turns people into slaves of fear and ignorance.

   Two years work in "Mel..s". and noticed that the governance structure of the company has staff of former employees of the secret police and militia. Professionalism in the gossip, overheard, intrigues, slanders, lies, manipulation ... What great fallacy, that the West model of governance - who I seen in the face of the Belgian firm "Mel..s", will prevail ...

   As I got fired, the only means for survival was are those who"d received from selling to books. So I sought Ivan Bogdanov. 

     But Ivan Bogdanov silent ... 

     On my calls by GSM, having understood that I am - closing. Of e-mail, who sent him, not answer. 
Well, Ivan, you not given me 500 books, then give back my money. Otherwise, it appears that you plays together with "Big Red Brother" ...   

   10 months I am unemployed - supported by friends and followers. During this time, no funds to lawyer to protect my rights in contract.

(As unemployed recover € 60 per month. And then only for 3 months. Working 30 years and you fired from work, three months living with 2 euros per day. In the meantime, in jail, the cost per prisoner is 10 euros per day. As can be seen, the unemployed in Bulgaria are considered greater offenders than those who are in prison. )

     At the end of 2009 I found a job - support in the retail chain Piccadilly. Spend money on lawyer. On lawyer assessment, I gave a complaint to the Prosecutor for the acts and omissions by the publisher Bogdanov in breach of the Treaty on the issue of my book. 

  After several days - I was call by the management of store Piccadilly and got fired in the same way demonstrative and humiliated as well as Melexis. I must understand! I should give up to looking Christian RIGHTS in a world that belongs and is managed and is subject to communist-atheist-mafia - their rules make policy, ideology, business ethics ... 

    Again unemployed. Again: the book "Battle for Jerusalem" remains unpublished; again without means to pay for lawyer to protect my rights by contract. . 

      Why is all this happening .

   Above stated "concerns" to the secular book publishers - they are afraid publish the book ... I wrote about this fear in my web-site - "watchtowerman.blog.bg" article: "Who"s Afraid of the book" Battle for Jerusalem?" In Bulgaria, some fear from the book "Battle for Jerusalem".  My manuscripts are arrested based on that contained in published three books mentioned above. But the third is the strongest defense of the Bible, Christianity, Faith, and also is the strongest indictment against communist rule.

   Because of this fear our Christian group arrested on 6 May 1982. We are not thieves or murderers, but because we ruin the atheistic Communist discipline among the public for fear of knowledge, so that talking about God, Bible, Christian Faith. The Christian Knowledge is dangerous - for the spirit, morality, ideology, politics of communist atheism!  
   But from 1982 now passed years ... During that time, Communists-atheists decided to become globalists, public and state funds they transform in the personal and willingly became oligarchs-capitalists - are now Masons, enlightened - Illuminati, Templars, Dunovists - occultists, New age activists, in a word - spirit and morale - again Antichrist. And it is quite natural that people continue to afraid of Christian Knowledge
   Link to book  "Battle for Jerusalem" translated by me on english:


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