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06.12.2009 16:54 - UFO over mountain Vitosha – nearly Sofia, 16 september 2009
Автор: mahatma Категория: Технологии   
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   With a friend decided to get on the shelter "Blue Arrow". The closer we come to the shelter, the clouds rose over the ridge of  Vitosha mountain. 

   We reached the saddle ahead the shelter. Ahead us is: peak "Belchova mogila" - 1833m, the ridge of "Kazana" - 2200m, hut "Academica" – 1855 m . In ears silence. 

    Suddenly I noticed the background of white, fluffy clouds above the peak "Belchova mogila", dark gray to black, flying object, moving from left to right. The right side on the flying object was lower than the left and resembled a bird"s head with long and curved beak. On the left side - "tail" like a "airplane". But without wings...Therefore, in the first moment I thought that is airplane. But the "airplane" is unthinkable - it is very low and too close to cliffs and mountain tops?! Therefore consider that it is a descending eagle shrunk wings dive towards their prey. I told to my friend: "See: Eagle!" And why a "Eagle"? Because flying object was larger than any bird which I"ve seen here. I have often seen similar scenes in the region - and Magpie, hawks in flight, flying to the prey, but not to this larges. Then I changed my mind, an eagle in these places I"ve never seen. It is therefore correct: "It must be hawk!", I say to my friend.

     The "object" continued to fly and I expect that in a second or two should start to drop rapidly to down. But it continued to fly on its horizontal axis. After 4-5 sec the flying object was 50m over hut "Academica". Already aware that the object is not a bird, the duration of flying requires the use of wings, which did not see - the object not changed its flight speed, trajectory, only changed its form - above the hut looked like boiler, with rounded left and right part. I understand that we see UFO and I reached the camera, hooked on my belt. But not used the camera, because I chose to watch the flying object, not the camera. The flying object is eschewed and the chance for a quality shooting diminished.  

  Overtaking hut "Academica" the flying object continue to the village Bistrica, make a left turn to mountain Vitosha and after a 2 sec entering into the fluffy, white clouds and disappeared from sight. 

    Do me the impression that "the object" , flying over hut "Academica" , had in the right side, the one who flew with the "forward" , yellow strip, that suggested for cylindrical of the "object". 
Whether the flying object was seen from the astronomical base situated near at a peak "Cnerni vrah" - 2290m? According to us - witness this event, "the object" flying height of the base and was not more than 500 meters from them. 

     Was 11.30 AP. 

   I hope that we were not just us - witnesses of this UFO phenomenon. Flew over the hut "Academica", and very close to the village Bistrica, and near a hut Aleko ... 

   I did attempt to draw it. The first painting depicts "object" in the first few seconds.   


Another painting depicts "object" when I looked around (and last) hut Academica. 


    picture below is the place where we watched the "Properties". He flew against the backdrop of "said" coming from the left, and flew near the hut Academica. 


    Chalet Academica is situated right in the saddle in the picture. In the left and to the fore - ridge descending from the peak Belchov.

    The location of the photo on Google Earth: 




    Below gives footages from the U.S. space shuttle, flown during 4-15 December 1998. Which can be found under the name:
      NASA STS-088-724-65: 


NASA STS-088-724-66: 


The site closely: 


NASA STS-088-724-67: 


In the near term: 


NASA STS-088-724-68: 


NASA STS-088-724-69: 



NASA STS-088-724-70: 


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