23.03.2012 12:38 - The genocide over the Bulgarians. Formally ratified by Bulgarian authorities. Approved by the bureaucrats in Brussels
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In 1989. Bulgaria reached the peak in the number of its population. She then began to decline with extremely high rates, happening only during wars, catastrophic natural disasters, epidemics or genocide.

In the study of this "excess mortality" of the Bulgarian people, D-r Pencho Penchev - Chief assistant professor in the Department of Sustainable Development "National and Regional Security" at the University of National and World Economy in the publication entitled "Research for the genocide in Republic of Bulgaria for the period 1990-2005 ", number 9 in the 2005 Bulletin "Contacts", make a comparison between the peoples of Bulgaria and that of Rwanda, subjected to genocide in 1994 that killed over 1 million and 600 thousands.

Rwanda Bulgaria

1980 – 5,197 000 8,862 000

1985 – 6,061 000 8,948000

1989 – 8,992000

1990 – 7,096 000 8,718000

1995 – 5,439 000 8,297 000

2000 – 8,025 000 7,997000

2005 – 9,038 000 7,720 000

2011 7,364 000

As seen in the period from 1989 to 2011., Bulgaria"s population decreased with 1.628 million. This loss of population, Bulgaria has not had even the wars that are fought.

The question is, since no war, natural disasters, epidemics, how and why Bulgarian gene pool decreased by 19%?

D-r Pencho Penchev clearly says that in Bulgaria the hypothesis of so-called "other forms of genocidal violence"

In an article dated 29 June 2008 "The genocide is unfolds"


Prof. Yanko Yankov said that "in post-communist Bulgaria is done genocide" in which are "institutional commitment" both Bulgaria and Europe. The claim, however, that in the genocide against the Bulgarians involve and the European community , I refused to accept on "faith." Until one day I stumbled across this book: Convention for the Protectionof Human Rightsand Fundamental Freedoms


It`s illustrates the fact that the genocide of the Bulgarian people is not only institutionalized - duly endorsed by the Bulgarian authorities, but the thing is that is accepted and approved by their European colleagues in power in Brussels.


Bulgarian Power signed the European Social Charter. But as will become clear in the following pages, the Bulgarian authorities not to sign a number of clauses of the European Social Charter. The refusal of the Bulgarian authorities to comply with these provisions illustrates the institutionalization of the genocide over Bulgarian people. A European politicians in Brussels, agreed with the Bulgarian authorities do not respect these clauses are co delegates in this genocide against the Bulgarians.


Bulgarian authorities have not considered that the length of the workday and work week "should" be "reasonable" length. Power in Brussels approve. Displays previously defined, which is manifested by the facts below, namely that power in Brussels APPROVES legislative measures of the Bulgarian authorities because Bulgaria will serve as a social model in which will be transformed Western societies.


Bulgarian authorities have not-recognized "right of workers to pay enough to give them and their families a decent standard of living." A European authorities in Brussels approves it. Wage in the country as a share in GDP is twice as low compared with international standards. Workers at Bulgaria not getting what they must to obtain, on base their contribution to value added.

TheNuremberg Trials sentenced industrial magnate Alfred Krupp to 5 years imprisonment and confiscation of his property because he used the labor of inmates. Krupp"s objection that he used that what gives him the German government, namely - the cheapest labor, is not accepted as an excuse, because there are moral principles on which is defined later clause enshrined in the Social Charter . Krupp of inmates not provide remuneration "to ensure" the recovery of spent vitality in their work, the result of what they died from exhaustion. Thus, the Bulgarian worker, as he denied the right to "pay" to ensure his physical survival, he will die from exhaustion.


Bulgarian authorities not need skilled workers. Kleptocracy needs support staff - maids, prostitutes, cleaners, wash, cooks, guards ..


Even in prison there is a social minimum. Only in the concentration camps - not!


No-signing EuropeanSocial Charter,Article 15 Bulgarian government show actually, that considered unnecessary for the disabled. Therefore, is not exaggerated, to likened Bulgaria like a concentration camp. In Nazi concentration camps, new arrivals were tested for healt and disabled people are went directly in furnaces .... This sanitary human selection of the Bulgarian government is approved by the Authority in Brussels ...


Bulgarian government signing EuropeanSocial Charter,Article 16 with the proviso that it will applies only to single-parent families, becomes it a legal absurdity. Because it appears that the Bulgarian authorities will protect the newly-married single-parent families. To be enable this, person must to marry with himself.


Bulgarian government No-signing EuropeanSocial Charter,Article 17

Journalisticmaterialpublished onJune 16, 2008by

says thateach year15,000(fifteenthousand) Bulgarianchildren
leave schoolto work.


Here is show institutional genocide over older generation in Bulgaria. Results of non-signed by the Bulgarian authorities European social clause - rightof elderly persons tosocial protection, EuropeanSocial Charter,Article 23. Power in Brussels is an accomplice, that the adults in Bulgaria should "reduce"...

In journalistic material published on June 20, 2008 in


according to calculations by Professor Lozan Stoimenov:

1) for the physical survival of a pensioner are required 336 lev(168 euro) per month;

2) it is impossible to be secured with money obtained by so-called pension seniority and age, the amount of which is only 113 lev(56.5 euro);

3) in the above amount necessary for physical survival, were not included money necessary as costs for medicine, clothing and so on, and have only been involved (only) money you have for food.

In journalistic material published on June 24, 2008 in


one million and a half retired and half a million disabled people still languish in hunger, deprivation and total misery;

Injournalisticmaterialpublished onMarch 9, 2012in


"NationalInsurance Institute recognizedthat the amount ofpensionswill be reducedpermanently,"The only certaineffect ofpension reformssince 2000
isthat pensionswill increasinglylag behindwages."


Anothernot-clausesignedby Bulgarian authorities - EuropeanSocial Charter,Article 27 paragraph 1.


By refusing to sign Article 30 Bulgarian authorities show that made ​​"another form of genocidal violence," like says D-r Pencho Penchev. In the case, the genocide is over "poor" in Bulgaria, according to official data, more than 80% of the population.

In journalistic material published on June 21, 2008 in




1) poor people in Bulgaria accounted for 80% (eighty percent) of the population;

2) Bulgaria ranks last in Europe in income;

The minimum wage in almost all Third World countries are higher than those in Bulgaria - member an EU and NATO. This means that Bulgaria is not included in the criteria for even the third world.

Bulgarian people live in conditions of genocide. The figures in this respect are explicit. Since 1989. Bulgaria now lost 40% of its labor potential, and 19.4% of its population

Noam Chomsky, in "Hegemony or Survival," pp. 183-186, says:

"Through the countries of the East will" can break the culture of secured the countries "and" to allow free markets to function as it should, "said political commentator David Ignatius. (International Herald Tribune", 14-15 december 2002, "Washington Post ").

Since "the people of the East pay a small part of what workers receive in the West" continues Ignatius, they can push Europe to the "realities of modern capitalism." The model has a growth rate approximately equal to roughly the same European unemployment, along with the highest levels of inequality and poverty, the highest labor norms and some of the worst support systems among advanced industrial countries.

The potential contribution of Eastern Europe to lower quality of life for the majority of the West was felt immediately after the collapse of the Berlin Wall. The East provide benefits, including a huge flow of easy to use labor ... (which) sent home large sums of money, thereby supporting the survival of what is left of society (in Bulgaria the figure was 800 million euros in year - Author). Conditions of work and life are so terrible that mortality is very high. According to the discretion of the Development Programme United Nations mortality among men has increased by ten million in the 90s, almost equal numbers of victims of Stalinist purges began sixty years ago (Development Programme United Nations, quoted by Duncan Green and Matthew Griffith, "International Affairs ", 78, 1, 2002. For demographic, cf. David Powell," Current History ", October 2002).

Therefore, in Claim 9 of the European Court in Strasbourg on 2010-12-16, Prof. Yanko Yankov present:

series of officially registered requests for investigation of criminal activity having the nature of the genocidal state strategy, organized and systematically implemented by all post-communist governments and consisting in:

Eugenics (evgenetika), socio-medical genocide medicated genocide, genocide pension, educational and professional genocide, socio-economic genocide, state terrorism (terrorist violence), extrajudicial killings, many other forms of daily life-disabling and life-consuming genocidal violence and extermination of citizens of Bulgaria.

Special emphasize the fact that on Law and Justice (Human Rights)

European and Atlantic umbrella over Bulgaria not only did not bring even minimal humanistic element in the life of the Bulgarians, but even give for indulgence and serve as an argument for greater and more intense deepening of bloodthirsty processes characteristic of the classical time communist regime, when Bulgaria was under the auspices of the evil Soviet Union and crime Warsaw Pact ;

and as a result, today, in 2010, precisely because of that umbrella all Bulgarian governments have conducted and continue to pursue particular genocide strategy as a result of which, apart from the normal immigration and mortality, from the demographic map missing one million and eight hundred and fifty thousand (1,850,000) Bulgarian citizens.

After all, today I am personally I am definitely sure that proper function of protecting the European Court of Human Rights is to legitimize not only the crimes of the communist and post-communist Red Mafia, but and the group of corrupt Western political economic and guarantors (guarantee) of these crimes."


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