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21.05.2012 19:14 - The Battle for Jerusalem
Автор: mahatma Категория: Политика   
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                              The Battle for Jerusalem




    In September 2000 at Camp David, U.S. President Clinton is trying to crowns the end of his mandate with the pacification of the Palestinians and Israelis. The then Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak provide on the Palestinian Arabs - in the person of  Yasser Arafat, 97% of the territories, demanded by the PLO to create a Palestinian state.

    But the conflict can not be settled without  decide on status of Jerusalem.

    "Until you establish a Palestinian state with its capital in Jerusalem, Middle East peace will not occur". Behind this statement of Arafat stand hundreds millions from Islamic world.

  In 1980 the Israeli Parliament adopted the "Basic Law", which declared: "Jerusalem is  a  thorough and united as the capital of Israel."

  In these diametrically opposed positions there was a possible compromise? One party had to retreat.

  And Barack, subjected to tremendous pressures, makes an unprecedented decision -  provide East Jerusalem as the capital of a Palestinian Arab state. Barak betrayed his country"s capital. With a single request - Israeli worshipers have access to the "Wailing Wall”,  to prayers and perform his rituals. But  Arafat decided to fight for total victory, and refused, saying: "We will only accept full Palestinian sovereignty over East Jerusalem, and only we will decide who has access to holy places." Whether emotions outweigh mind, or Arafat purposes FAILURE of the negotiations ?!

    Upon successful completion  of peace negotiations guarantor between Israel and the Palestinian state will be the United States. If the Arabs seek to conquer all Israel, then it would be inappropriate. If the "guarantor" are international forces, then would be easier to handle with the "blue" helmets , because its problem will not be decided in Washington, but at UN headquarters, which is under the control of anti-Israeli coalition.

   And while Barack is devastated and humiliated,  in Israel exploding protests. As president of the largest opposition party in parliament - Likud, Ariel Sharon immediately visited East Jerusalem, which demonstrates that defends Israeli sovereignty over the holy city.

   Whithout "complete" sway over Old Jerusalem, Arafat named Sharon visit like "provocation" against Islam and used it to justify the "second intifada" .

    As  for the strife are those relating to the possession of Jerusalem? This city is not a center of industry, trade or exchange, is not a place for entertainment, casinos and gambling, around it and  no deposits of oil, gold or diamonds. Do not look for answers in the field of pragmatism and "healthy" mind. Becouse the battle for Jerusalem is the spiritual. A Spirituality is governed by principles that are not identical with those of pragmatism - something more - often in severe conflict with the latter. As a result of such conflict is also the battle for Jerusalem.

    The problem around the Jerusalem issue is confined to the Temple Mount, where once Solomon"s temple was located, and today stands Omar mosque.




Omar mosque

    "The LORD said to me, "Son of man, this is the place of my throne and the place where I will rest my feet. I will live here forever among the people of Israel",(New Living Translation 2007- NLT), says Ezekiel  prophet of God (43:7).

    God has a special relation to this hill.

   In Hebrew "Jerusalem" is pronounced "Yerushalaim" and comes from "Yeru-Shalom" - literally "city of peace". “Shalom” means "peace", but it is something more - fullness and completeness of "peace".  And this is only possible when based on Divine instructions. Therefore, the "adversary" ("Satan" - in Hebrew, "Devil" - in Greek) attacked with fury Jerusalem, to prevent the receive  his Divine predestination.

   When in 167 BC. Jerusalem was conquered by Antiochus Epiphanes, on this hill was erected a statue of the Greek god Zeus. After the destruction of Jerusalem by the Roman Emperor Hadrian in 135 not only changed the name of the city of Aelia Capitol Hill, but it does object of worship of their chief god - Jupiter. Then, in 691, here ending the construction of a mosque Omar.

  God and Satan are in conflict over Old Jerusalem. And each person determines their fate in this conflict, as  took one of the two side.

   Concept of modernity as a "battle for Jerusalem" occurs with resolution № 181 of 29.11.1947, the UN, although it actually begins to attend radiated in the global media landscape, after 6-day war of 1967. If you look  back in time, you find that only a century ago, Jerusalem is a village somewhere among the sands of the Ottoman Empire, for which no one cares. Stunning, however, is that much further back in time - 2500 years ago, for Jerusalem is prophesied, that it would be an arena of global collision caused by the ambition to possess him!

   “Lo, I am making Jerusalem a cup of reeling to all the peoples round about, And also against Judah it is, In the siege against Jerusalem. And it hath come to pass, in that day, I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone to all the peoples, All loading it are completely pressed down, And gathered against it have been all nations of the earth” ( Zechariah 12:2-3; Young"s Literal Translation ).

   In these words we see described detail the history of civilization, which is not only logical outcome of the battle of the “nations” for separation on the "ground" of God, but and the battle for "Jerusalem". The end of a government which, having usurped the power in the world , has proudly put their principles over the Divine.

   " I am making Jerusalem a cup of reeling To all the peoples round about” - and the sequel -"I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone to all the peoples "- here are give a definition of the time when these prophetic words must have his execution. Never before Jerusalem was not the problem of global significance, as we see him today.

   By June 1967 the prophecy is dormant. Then  old, ancient, sacred (East) Jerusalem is possession on Jordan, conquered during the war of 1948 by the Arab Legion. On June 5, 1967  Jordanian army attacked Israel and captured the Jewish neighborhoods in Jerusalem. Two days later the Israeli army made counterattack to repel the invasion and captured the city. Interesting coincidence. Moment at which Christ"s prophecy ends - "and Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles, until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled " - (Luke 21:24; King James Bible)  is activated to perform the already the quoted prophecy of  Zechariah.

    Hence, the Arab countries get the opportunity, along with demands for the return of territories conquered by Israel, to elevate a call to return  the  Jerusalem  - here are sacred to Islam, ancient mosques: the gold - "Omar" and the silver - "Al  Aqsa".

    The case "PLO" provides the chance of the Arab world to develop a scenario for Jerusalem, as declaring it the capital of a Palestinian Arab state. Thus counters the desire of Israel to make Jerusalem their capital, as it "de facto" is after June 8, 1967 Rising to the rank of capital of the Arab state, the Arab world began to give the meaning of Jerusalem indicated by the prophecy : “a cup of reeling to all the peoples round."

   The truth is that Jerusalem only twice was the national capital - at the time of King David -  960 BC. And after 1967. ie for three thousand years Jerusalem was the only capital of the Jewish state. In 1980 the Israeli Parliament adopted the Israeli Basic Law "Jerusalem, Capital of Israel." Through it states that "Jerusalem is a comprehensive and united as the capital of Israel. Jerusalem is the seat of government  of Israel".

   During the Muslim occupation - Arab, Turkish and mamlukes, to Jerusalem  is not  even the provincial capital, despite the fact that the two cited above mosques were constructed. Ie Arab countries attach to Jerusalem in importance when it is not under their control. It is obvious that for them the possession of Jerusalem is political game whose purpose is to justify their intransigence against Israel, than historical or religious necessity.

    Being in such positions, is impossible Arabs and Israelis to make compromise about status of Jerusalem . Something the international community, like the United Nations intends to refute, as giving the city the status of "corpus-separatum" - "single unit" - neither Israeli nor Arab, but a city under the auspices of the UN.  

    In 1999, the EU is intending to meet with the Palestinian Authority, which has been operating in East Jerusalem. In this regard, Ariel Sharon, the then Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs informed all diplomatic missions, "not to hold meetings with the Palestinian Authority in East Jerusalem". Sharon relies on Oslo"93 Agreement under which  PLO has no legal rights to welcoming official guests in East Jerusalem, and that if such meetings take place in the "Orient House" - the Palestinian headquarters in East Jerusalem, they would thereby legitimize claims the PLO over the city, which compromises the very statement of the UN and negates the issue of Oslo"93 arrangements.

  Germany"s Ambassador Theodor Wallau, whose country chaired the EU  replied that "The EU considers Jerusalem as a separate part of Israel and that European diplomats will not be restricted by Israeli political directives there."

   This is not a hint, but a clear political statement that the EU considers Jerusalem as belonging to the international community.

    The opinion "corpus-separatum" for Jerusalem is based on the resolution № 181 of 29.11.1947, which declared it an international city under UN supervision. Mr. Wallau is broadly mirrors the EU that it does not recognize Israeli sovereignty over the city or any part thereof. At the end of the same year the United Nations clearly stated its position on the same issue - 149 nations voted against the sovereignty of Israel over the city.

   "The decision by Israel to impose its laws, jurisdiction, administration over the Holy city of Jerusalem is illegal and therefore null and without any cost," reads part of the resolution of UN..

    Thus, in the Middle East conflict more clearly includes the opinion raised by the UN. And Jerusalem, from “a cup of reeling to all the peoples round" becomes “a burdensome stone to all the peoples". "Jerusalem" problem,  occurred in 1967 as a regional, over time developed into global.

    But the prophecy continues:

  “All loading it are completely pressed down, And gathered against it have been all nations of the earth”.

    The policy decisions of “all nations" who want to decide on the affiliation of Jerusalem, are trying to raise the burden, for which the world community have not the necessary force. The severity of the problem "Jerusalem" exceed the capabilities of the globalists to decide problem in its favor. This is a "pressed down" in which global governance will be trapped and crushed. This is not some vague symbolism, but something that will be quite literally. Because "all nations" are trying to impose a pragmatic solution, thus eliminating not only the importance of Jerusalem in a spiritual term, but they do and will do everything possible to impose - even with the "power" - their pragmatism. Zechariah shows how

   "And gathered against it have been all nations of the earth"

   Against it, against Jerusalem, against those, who possess it - people "Israel". The facts are clear – the "all nations",  the United Nations, already has opposed Israel, whether it comes to Jerusalem, about the "land", to the eradication of terrorist chieftains and so on. "all nations" hard getting drunk with  contained in the  "cup", which can be called as anti-Jewishness and so Godlessness.

   The plan of the international community does not end, but begins with the creation of a Palestinian Arab state. Since its creation comes to solve the problem of belonging of Jerusalem.

    Categorically is, that the UN defines Jerusalem as an international city.

    Categorically is, that Islam will not allow Jerusalem  to be held by  another.

    Categorically is, that Israel will not voluntarily give up rights over its ancient and modern capital Jerusalem. Then?!

    Rushed to engross the material wealth of the world, the "new world order" trampled Morality and Ethics of the Spirit and replace them with   substitutes, by which the words lost his meaning, the compromises becomes routine , and  the word said as a promise, like a fraud.  But if this is God"s Word in Promise...?
    If God has Promised to end the exile of the Israeli people?

    If God has Promised to return  Israel in his land?

    If God has Promised to restore Jerusalem as capital of Israel?

    If this God is not fiction, myth, legend, and There?

    If that God intends to keep Its Promises? THEN?!

    Categorically: Heaven Impact on hierarchies of Evil  of Earth is inevitable!


   “And it shall come to pass in that day, [that] I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem” (Zechariah 12:9; King James Bible).


    This prophetic verse is eloquent and shows:


o       That political pressure on Israel by the international community will grow and in the military;

o       Participants in the military coalition against Jerusalem would be "destroyed" by Supernatural  Intervention.


     "And this shall be the plague with which the LORD will strike all the peoples that wage war against Jerusalem: their flesh will rot while they are still standing on their feet, their eyes will rot in their sockets, and their tongues will rot in their mouths.“(Zechariah 14:12; English Standard Version 2001).

     When Armies of Gentiles will came to fight against Israel and will occupied Jerusalem, then they will suffer defeat, arguably what the subsequent explosion of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945

   This is the Intervention, that would be totally devastating for both the hierarchy of Evil, so and all associated with him, wherever they are located. Evil in all its variety and scalability will be  eliminate of further existence. Forever!


      Link to book  "Battle for Jerusalem" translated by me on english:








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